Advice on Home Security

Residents should be aware that there has been a significant increase in burglaries during the months of July and into August.  Statistics revealed that 56% of all burglaries in East Belfast happened within the Ormiston area with several within the RACKS area.

Most burglaries are opportunist so residents should be reminded of the following helpful tips:

1.Lock all doors and windows.

2. Make you house looked occupied if unoccupied by using timers.

3. Don’t leave valuables lying around. If you have a safe use it.

4.If you have a garage or shed make sure all garden items and vehicles are securely locked away.

5. Fit a burglar alarm.

6. Advise a neighbour when away.

If you notice anything suspicious then contact the police. Note down a description or vehicle registration and call the police on 101.

If you need to contact the Crime Prevention Officer call 0845 600 8000.

RACKS Neighbourhood Watch have been busy putting ‘Advice on Home Safety’ leaflets through doors in the area and providing personal attack alarms to those that may need them..