Coronavirus : Help your neighbour

Are you able to help a neigbour who might be self-isolating from CoVid-19, or perhaps someone who cannot manage their shopping or is just plain lonely, confused or scared?  It might be to collect shopping, or prescriptions, or maybe just a friendly voice (by phone or at a safe distance).  In this very difficult period for us all, you could help a vulnerable neighbour – it might make the difference between their survival or falling ill … or worse.

Let’s pull together as a neighbourhood!

If you are fit and well and want to help a neighbour that is self-isolating or is in ‘lock-down’, please download, print multiple copies and complete, then post a note through the letterbox of any neighbour that you suspect might help. .Download the Help your self-isolating neighbour note.

It is important that you do not inadvertantly increase the risk, for example contact with infected people, or are experiencing CoVid symptoms yourself.  So please visit the,NHS Website check out its advice, and closely follow its instructions carefully.

Nextdoor is a website and mobile app that allows neighbours in the RACKS area to communicate, many people are offering their services on the website.  The Cherryvalley area within Nextdoor covers “Cherryvalley, Kensington and Shandon”.