For the Greater Good

The RACKS website notes that part of the purpose of the Residents’ Association is to ‘improve the conditions of life for the benefit of the inhabitants’.

In connection with my membership of the RACKS committee, the old adage in the title (above) occurred to me when my wife and I were on holiday in Spain a while back. The sign shows a picture of a dog relieving itself and the words ‘Bajo Multa’ which roughly translates as ‘Under penalty of fine’. I haven’t noticed any similar signs in the Knock area – but perhaps there should be!

Under the current Coronavirus pandemic we are living in unusual times of ‘lock-down’, ‘social-distancing’ and ‘self-isolation’. Life isn’t getting any easier for any of us and I suppose there is an element of ‘push-back’ to so much guidance, advice and regulation in these ‘Big Brother’ times.  But we can all help each other here.

However, anti-social behaviour is alive and well in the RACKS area. Some would say ‘flourishing’ and we can all be a bit more thoughtful and take a wee bit more personal responsibility ‘For the Greater Good’.

Some examples of anti-social issues have been raised at RACKS. Here they are in no particular order of importance. Some might raise your heckles a bit more than others.

  1. Dog Fouling on pavements. Inconsiderate for the visually sighted pedestrians and disease-carrying.
  2. Dog Pooh bags deposited in residents’ (Blue) bins – rather than taking them home or putting them in council waste bins.
  3. Cyclists riding (dangerously?) on pavements and not considering (elderly) pedestrians.
  4. Builders and other tradesmen’s vans parked on footpaths thus forcing pedestrians and pram-pushers to walk on the busy roads.
  5. Hedges overgrown onto footpath requiring stepping out onto the roadway.
  6. Playing loud music late at night and disturbing your neighbours’ sleep.
  7. Coronavirus face masks littering pavements.

Another old dictum ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’ – maybe they had the same social challenges in ancient Greece. I wonder how they resolved them?

What can I do to make a difference?