Gilnahirk Road Pedestrian Crossing

For some months now residents have expressed concerns over the lack of any pedestrian crossing on the lower part of the Gilnahirk Road between Cherryvalley Gardens and the Kings Road.

According to Transport NI the results of a recent survey placed the location well down the priority list and to quote the department ‘current budget constraints and prioritisation this location is unlikely to attract funding in the near future.’

RACKS met on-site with officials from Transport NI supported by Councillors Jim Rodgers, Peter Johnston and Chris McGimpsey. It was eventually agreed that an updated survey would be undertaken in April this year, the previous ‘recent’ survey being completed some 5 years ago.

To date RACKS has not been advised of the outcome of the survey.

RACKS carried out a survey across several days back at the end of last year with one Wednesday morning revealing that 34 vehicles per minute passed the shops on the Gilnahirk Road. That’s nearly 2 vehicles every second.

Some 400 residents have now signed a petition asking that Transport NI provide a pedestrian crossing so as residents can either get to the shops or Kings Square safely.

In the past twelve months there has been one injury accident on the road involving a pedestrian with unconfirmed reports of a further injury accident within the past two weeks.

Residents should also be aware that in light of the ‘current budget constraints’ Transport NI has scheduled resurfacing of the same road costing over £500,000. Surely a crossing can be planned into this….