Traffic Light Sequence at Sandown Road & Shandon Park and A55 Road Widening Update

Received from Network Traffic, Street Lighting and Transportation Eastern Division of the Department of Infrastructure

12 May 2022


Thank you for your email of 8 April 2022 regarding your comments relating to traffic light sequencing at the junction of Sandown Road and Shandon Park as well as the road widening scheme on the Knock Road.

Firstly, let me apologise for the late reply to your enquiries.

In my reply to you dated 8 December 2021 (MT 130041-21 & 131023-21) I stated that we were content to commission a new traffic modelling survey of this junction to see the effect of how a split stage for Sandown Road and Shandon Park would affect the overall operation of this junction.

I can inform you that we have received an initial draft modelling report from our partner consultants. However, we have a number of issues to clarify within the draft report before we are in a position to discuss it on a wider basis with DFI, Eastern Division.

Given this information, we are not in a position to be able to share the report or its findings, at this time. I will, however, provide you with a detailed response in due course.

In reference to the proposed A55 Knock Road Widening scheme, this has not progressed since publication of the Departmental Statement in 2012, following the public inquiry into the scheme proposals. This has been due to funding constraints. The future need for the scheme will now be reconsidered in a new Belfast Metropolitan Transport Plan (BMTP) being prepared by the Department, inconjunction with the Local Development Plans (LDP) of Belfast City Council and neighbouring Councils. This Transport Plan will consider all modes of transport and how they integrate with land use development. It is still in development and will be subject to public consultation. The timescale for the overall LDP process will be determined by the Council, but is likely to take a couple of years yet to complete.

Subject to the LDP retaining the need for the scheme, any future development or delivery of it will be subject to Ministerial approval and availability of budget. I trust this information is helpful and fully explains our position on this issue.

Link to a copy of the letter attached.

IN1 22 295919 MT 136210-22 A55 Knock Road – Traffic Light Sequence at Sandown Road & Shandon Park – road widening – _ TM1 Traffic April 2022 RD