Update on footpath & hedge issues with TNI…

Members of the RACKS Committee have been busy holding meetings with representatives from Transport NI in relation to a number of issues raised by residents within the RACKS area. An initial meeting with TNI as well as Chris Lyttle allowed RACKS to highlight the state of some of the roads and footpaths in the area as well as some traffic concerns in relation to the pedestrian crossing on the Gilnahirk Road and the traffic lights at Shandon Park/Knock Road.

The meeting led to a further ‘walk through’ by TNI accompanied with members of the RACKS Committee identifying a number of loose kerbstones, the poor state of some of the footpaths and some overgrowth on tress and hedges as well as a high level of uncontrolled weeds.

TNI provided assurance that weeding would take place within the next few weeks and we understand that has now taken place throughout the area. A number of kerbstones have also been ‘fixed’ and some minor repairs to footpaths have taken place. An area in Kensington Park South was identified for resurfacing and we understand that plans are being put in place to undertake that work.

TNI also undertook to re-examine the junction at Knock Road with Shandon Park and Sandown Road in an effort to more clearly mark the junction for motorists. RACKS has noted preliminary markings on the junction so we are guessing that work is now being considered for final marking.

RACKS would like to thank TNI for taking the concerns expressed by RACKS on board and dealing with many of the issues in such a prompt manner however at the same time it would like to highlight that many of the cracks along Cherryvalley Park will remain as they are. RACKS will continue to keep a check on the footpaths and continue to report all faults brought to its attention to the TNI.

For information moss on Cherryvalley Park which had been reported by some residents as causing a serious slip issue particularly in the wet was discussed with responsibility being passed onto the Belfast City Council. In turn RACKS took this issue up with BCC only to be advised that the issue of cleaning moss from footpaths was actually the responsibility of TNI but residents will be glad to learn that BCC took steps within the past 2 weeks to have a street cleaner used on the footpaths in an effort to break up the growth of moss. Thank you Andrew Charles and BCC. TNI also issued a number of orders to have hedges cut and residents are again reminded that they have a legal obligation to keep their hedges in a neat and tidy manner.